0.9 Release Notes

Here's what's new in 0.9:

  • Store scene that allows for purchasing melee weapons
  • New melee weapons- axe, whip, flame whip, and mace
  • Higher platforms have larger gaps, lower platforms have smaller gaps in order to encourage using all 3 lanes (because before the top was by far the easiest)
  • Pause menu added (press Esc or Start to show it- or hit the button in the top right corner on mobile)
  • You can get to the Store from the game over screen, the main menu, or the pause screen


Runner09_Mac.zip 28 MB
Jul 11, 2017
Runner09_Win.zip 13 MB
Jul 11, 2017
Runner09_BROWSER.zip Play in browser
Jul 11, 2017
Runner_09_Android.apk 20 MB
Jul 11, 2017

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