0.15 Cleaning Crap Up


  • Fixed mobile control bug where control modifications wouldn't save
  • Continue button works properly
  • Progress is saved when you leave the game
  • Updated title screen
  • Bosses now stay in the same vertical position
  • Fixed bosses and player getting cut off in 4:3 aspect ratios (iPad)
  • Updated how to play screen
  • The first time you go to play the game, you'll see the tutorial screen if you haven't seen it already
  • Continuing from Tutorial screen takes you to Controls screen
  • Can go to play the game from the Controls screen
  • Unified all buttons (they're red, but I can change them so let me know if you think there's a better color to use)
  • Resume button is now visibly selected when you pause the game (doesn't make a difference on mobile really)
  • No pausing/dying/controlling player after passing a flag
  • World 8- only one dragon spawns at a time
  • Amount of enemies spawned maxes at world 6 (it got a little too chaotic on worlds 7-8)


Sir Sprintsalot.apk 22 MB
Jul 31, 2017
Sir Sprintsalot WIN 15.zip 15 MB
Jul 31, 2017
Sir Sprintsalot MAC 15.zip 29 MB
Jul 31, 2017

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