0.16 - Tuning Shiz

Release notes:

  • Fixed bug in world 6 where if you finish under the flag the game stops. Now you actually have to get to the platform.
  • Reduced coin requirements in 6-2 and 7-2
  • Magic drops less often (5% of lanterns instead of 10%). More magic is double drop rate and less is half.
  • Changed 7-4 to have high jumps instead of small platforms. Boss was too hard/annoying before. Also reduced his health from 70 to 60.
  • Added support for Amazon Fire TV (both controller and remote support)
  • Added boss health bar to boss levels


Sir Sprintsalot_win.zip 15 MB
Aug 09, 2017
Sir Sprintsalot mac.zip 29 MB
Aug 09, 2017
Sir Sprintsalot_AFT.apk 22 MB
Aug 09, 2017

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