0.10 Release Notes

New Features

  • New ranged weapons available in the Store- Lance, Bomb, Holy Water, and Arrow
  • Camera zoomed out a little
  • Axes thrown with more force (so they can hit the bosses)
  • Added hit effect to weapons (white circle explosion looking thing)
  • Weapons now go through lanterns instead of being destroyed when they hit them
  • Icicles (world 4 enemy) now fall after a random time instead of waiting for player to enter trigger area (should be easier)
  • Added music to main menu and store
  • Added two spells to store and game- fireball and lightning
  • World select screen available from main menu
  • Touch controls added to how to play screen


Runner10_Win.zip 15 MB
Jul 15, 2017
Runner10_Mac.zip 29 MB
Jul 15, 2017
Runner_10_Android.apk 22 MB
Jul 15, 2017

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