Game Updated to Build 0.8

New Stuff:

  • Spiders now move vertically, and you can destroy their webs which makes them drop
  • Snakes lunge at you when you get close
  • Zombies sprint when you get close
  • Vampires turn into bats and back to vampires
  • Maximum platform distance decreased
  • Maximum platform distance now increases based on world
  • Boss fights no longer spawn enemies
  • Player gets kill credit when enemy falls off ledge
  • Bosses have more accurate hit boxes
  • Bosses are always the same, so when you get to the world 1 boss, it's always a bat, world 2 is always a mummy, etc. (this way it feels more like a traditional boss fight)
  • When you have to kill a certain enemy type, that enemy type stays the same after you die
  • Added coin animation
  • Snow level (world 4)
  • Yeti enemy
  • Icicle enemy
  • Polar bear cub enemy
  • Android version controls- tap on left side to attack, right side to jump

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