Game Updated to Build 0.5

New in this build:

  • Scorpion enemy added to desert
  • Subtle redesign to all backgrounds
  • Scrolling reversed on all backgrounds
  • Added graveyard level
  • Added zombie, ghost, and vampire enemy to graveyard level
  • Added boss fights as an objective (the last level of every world will be a boss fight- kill them with ranged weapons)
  • Added surviving for a time as an objective (need to simply not die for a certain number of seconds)
  • Reprogrammed objectives (there may be bugs that have not yet been fixed- please let me know if you find any)
  • Decreased number of levels in worlds 1 and 2 so testers can quickly see new content (not a permanent change)
  • Increased lives to 5, but now you start over at the beginning of the world when you get Game Over

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Jun 29, 2017

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