Game Updated to Build 0.4

New Stuff:

  • New enemies- snake and mummy
  • Title screen (8-bit Runner is a working title). Continue button and new game button are currently the same. Continue will be used to continue at the beginning of the world you were last on if you come back to play the game later.
  • Pre-level screen that shows lives left and score
  • Death sound effects, and slight delay between getting hit and transitioning to the next scene
  • Menus can be navigated using arrow keys or controller sticks  (controller bug in browser version still persists- might be a WebGL issue)
  • Lives system added with Game Over screen. Currently does not resent any progress to make it easier to progress in the game, but will eventually reset progress to the beginning of the current world.
  • Score is now persistent through a playthrough, and DOES reset on Game Over.
  • Enemies better follow a theme (mummies and snakes in the desert)
  • New desert background color and pyramids

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Jun 24, 2017

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