First Build!

Here's the first build of the game. Some things to note:


  • S key (or A on an Xbox 360 controller) - Jump/Double Jump
  • A key (or X on a controller) - Sword attack
  • W key (or Y on a controller) - Special Weapon attack (requires 1 coin)
  • Enter key (or Start on a controller) - try again after dying


  • Try to survive until you reach the goal (see top right corner of screen)
  • Break lanterns to get coins or special weapons to drop
  • See top of screen to know how many coins you have and what special weapon you have equipped
  • There are only two levels, and they look identical (one has the goal of killing bats, the other zombies)

Upcoming Features

  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • World map(s)
  • More enemy types
  • Different tile sets for different worlds (like an ice world, a castle world, etc.)
  • Different goal types (survive X seconds, etc.)

Feedback Requested

  • What upcoming feature(s) do you think the game could use first?
  • Is the environment (platforms, background) too bare? 
  • Any feedback on the art style or color palette?
  • Any additional features you'd like to see in the game?

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Jun 20, 2017

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